Valuation Profile

Valuation Overview

Chailin Sear Realty Co.,Ltd. (CL) provides property valuation and land valuation for residential and commercial purposes across Cambodia. Our valuers are local experts recognized by the Ministry of Economic and Finance and CVEA (Cambodia Valuers and Estate Agents Association) who enable the delivery of professional, timely and accurate present day and retrospective valuation services.

Chailin Sear Realty Co.,Ltd. (CL) was formed in response to a need for a single property valuation company with strong national knowledge and resources.

Why choose CL for property valuation?

The highly respected business professionals who form the CL team have a broad depth of experience in their local markets. They can confidently provide accurate business valuation services, residential valuations services, commercial valuations and retrospective valuation.

Our national identity gives CL an edge over our local competitors and positions us well for future growth.

Our philosophy is to provide high quality and efficient service to all our clients via open and consistent communication across all aspects of the valuation process.

Why should you evaluate your property?

  • To understand about the market value of your property.
  • To make it easy for you to determine the suitable selling price for your properties.
  • To determine the total asset worth of your properties for investment purposes.
  • To provide legal proof of ownership for purposes of transfer to relatives or other entities.
  • To provide a legal record for a mortgage, loan or as required by an embassy.

To talk with a fully qualified and knowledgeable broker or real estate valuer in your local area - contact us today.